Glossary Page Poker Room Ratings are quantified over several different criteria.  Our aim is to provide you with a complete understanding of the poker rooms on this site.  We personally play the rooms, ask questions to customer service and strive to get you the best bonus’s. 

Tournament Reviews on fall into two catagories.  We provide generic overviews of the tournaments on offer or and more detailed appriasal of a particluar tournament offered by the poker room.  I prefer to write about a specific tournament and over the course of time I hope that we will have both types available for you to look at.  If you have a particular angle on a tournament that you would like covered or if you have written a review please contact us [email protected]

We are going to be giving you lots of information about how the pro’s are doing and how you can get involved through sattelite competitions.  Click on a continent to see whats happening.

Poker games that are available online are increasing year on year.  Hybrid games are being invented and we want you to know where you can access the action.  Be it through your laptop or phone we will give you an upto date list of what poker games are being played through our poker rooms. 

Everybody plays to win but not everyone knows how to play! Poker guides give you the information to move you game to the next level.  Interesting articles on running your own tournament to what the odds are in a Stud game. has a great poker shop and its incredibly stylish if we do say so ourselves.  If you are looking for a gift or some player insight then see what we have on offer.

Poker News is what keeps you in the loop.  At Poker-Shark we get sent press releases on a daily basis from our poker rooms telling us whats new and how you the player can get involved.  If you like video news then please check out our youtube channel where you can see us and everything!  For more up dates join our mailing list and get the information before we release it on the site.  Sign up on the Home Page.


Review Process Introduction
Review process introduction
The websites shown on are all recommended by our in house team and third party reviewers. As a player there is certainly no shortage of rooms available but we can assure you that there are plenty of operators out there where your playing experience is not their number one priority. We have played and reviewed a number of sites and not all of them make it to our leader board. We will continue to visit new sites and re-evaluate our existing sites on a regular basis to ensure that standards are maintained.
We have ranked our favourite operators on several different factors:-
Game Type Ranking
When you click through into one of these sections you are shown the rankings as we have listed them. You have the option from this point to read a full review on the poker room. Or you can click directly to the site and begin downloading their poker software. The great thing about the way our site works is that you can look at the site from several different perspectives and come away with more information that will help you make a more informed decision.
The websites that make it to our leader board are all of a high quality and we would be bold enough to say that we doubt you will have a bad experience with any of them. These poker sites are all very competitive and they are constantly bringing new innovative ideas to the proverbial poker table. For the purpose of our rankings, it means that what is at the top today maybe at the bottom next week – they are all very close in that respect. Rest assured if something changes with one of our partners, we will hear first so if you are looking to try something new and want to stay in the loop, bookmark and sign up to our newsletter.

Tournament Reviews have reviewed the tournaments on offer from all of the poker rooms that we are supporting on this site. The reviews will give you a clear understanding of what the poker rooms offer and what the differences are between the tournaments. To give you an understanding of the main tournament types please see the list below

These tournaments allow the average Joe, who hasn’t got the money to buy his way into a big tournament, earn his way into the competition by winning a seat. Satellite tournaments are usually big multi-table tournaments with a buy-in (although sometimes free) that is a lot lower than the buy-in for the big tournament.
Sit N Go
These are regular tournaments that have a set amount of entrants. A fixed buy-in fee. Some allow a re-buy or an add-on. Each player starts the tournament with a set amount of chips and fights against the other players and the quickly rising blinds. These are a great practice ground for all aspiring players. These tournaments can be played on a single table or can be multi-table tournaments.
Heads Up
These are one on one tournaments’ that have a fixed buy-in. Obviously winner takes all!
These are the best tournaments offered by the poker rooms because they are free to enter and have a guaranteed prize fund. They are popular tournaments so expect some competition. Some poker rooms stipulate that players must be from a certain nation to enter or the player must have accrued a certain number of frequent player points.
These are the main catagories of poker tournaments on offer. But poker is ever changing and new games and tournaments get popular as others lose their lustre so we will add any other tournament information to these reviews as we get them.


Bonus Codes are what you need to put in to the sign up forms in order for you to get the most out of the poker sites that we promote.  List to follow

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Each Poker room we promote we develop a relationship with.  So all the relationship managers at all the poker rooms thank you for constantly fielding my requests and queries.