Chip Leatherby

Chip is a 27 year old poker enthusiast from the UK.  Chip has ten years of experience of offline and online poker.  Chip decided to take his poker passion to the next level in 2008 and started the  The mission of the site is to provide reviews on the best online poker rooms with a particular emphasis on trust, bonus and game type.  Chip spends most of his days finding interesting and relevant news stories for Poker Sharks thriving news community. 

The Chip has a particular love for Sit n Go Tournaments and when he isn’t writing he is often playing in some MTT for big stakes.  Chips motto is that if its less than a $50 buyin then its not worth his time at the table.

Jo Jo Frost

Jo Jo has been an accomplished card player and internet guru for sometime now.  Jo Jo’s main role at Shark Enterprises is to review the sites and make sure that all the information on the reviews is up to date and relevant.  Jo Jo is very good at picking holes in the bonus’s offered by the poker rooms and negotiating better deals for Poker-Shark players.  Jo Jo met with Chip in 2003 at a party and they immediately bonded through their love of poker.  Some years laters Chip invited Jo Jo to write a review on Ladbrokes poker site and since then the pair haven’t looked back. 

Jo Jo played a lot of his poker with Poker Stars.  This is a great poker room to develop skills as it is the most competitive on the web due to the high amount of US traffic.  Jo Jo took this grounding and applyed it at every poker he is reviewing.  Shark Enterprises do very well from having such a Shark working for them.